Looking forward- not back.

We are a community in regeneration.
Deamalgamation has been cathartic and useful in helping us to be brave.
The realities of our Council budget post Deamalgamation made it absolutely necessary that we set our sights on tomorrow not yesterday.
We have trimmed down and refocused our efforts and our budget is now in a healthy surplus, with debt starting to reduce.
Change does not come easily and you are seeing some of that play out in the media.
But as a united council team we are committed to new thinking, new ideas and a new Rockhampton.
And over the next few months you will see some of the results.

Rockhampton regional council is set to open its new water play area to coincide with the start of the school holidays but – a little bit like the Demtel advertisement –
That’s not all!
That event will be closely followed by the opening of the new electronic play equipment in Kershaw Gardens and even that will be followed closely by the opening of the otter enclosure at Rockhampton zoo!
While dates are still a little dependent on construction timetables, the goal is to have all three openings prior to Christmas.
And we have a year full of festivals and community celebrations ahead of us too.

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