My Commitments to you

For our community

  • I am committed to supporting developments and projects that make better places for families and individuals who live here

My track record in former Rockhampton Council- showgrounds redevelopment – new library

  • I am committed to actively engage with the mining industry to ensure that we have our pick of the many opportunities the resources boom is creating

Actively engaged the industry, visited the mines and communities, Qrex,

  • I am committed to promoting our regional community passionately

I strongly advocated for the entire region – partnered with neighbouring shires at every opportunity to develop programmes and projects


For our roads, water and sewerage

  • I am committed to transparent programmed replacement and to best practice in maintenance  – (sounds like gobbledegook but it is just common sense when it comes to looking after roads, water pipes and sewerage pipes).

I  shifted Council’s focus towards improving our infrastructure. Annual Sewerage and Water Capital expenditure 2000 were well below $1m and $2m respectively. I kept improving on this figure until the final budget that I prepared allowed for nearly $5 million for sewerage works and $7.5 million in Water.  There was a corresponding and dramatic reduction in water main and service breaks – by more than a 25% reduction.


For our finances

  • I am determined to discipline the budget process

I have lead a Council that has done it before..and with Councillor support.. we can do it again.

  • I am determined to ensure that debt is contained as much as possible and that new borrowing is for long term assets – not for day to day expenses

These figures need to be transparent in Council’s books.

  • I am committed to containing rates rises to the lowest possible figure

Based on data supplied by the Dept of Local Governement, Rockhampton City Council’s rates were lower than Livingstone, Fitzroy and a whole host of others.


For your Elected Council

  • I am committed to open discussion- within Council and with the community

Open door for Councillors, open meetings in the community and an active programme of visiting clubs and organisations to be available and to answer questions

  • I am committed to treat all Councillors with respect and to support their roles as your representatives

I am not running with a selected team.. I will work to build a strong working relationship with anyone that you elect

  • I am committed to strong but fair leadership of both the elected Council and the administration.



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  1. I noticed that you advocate infrastructure improvement and maintenance: When we moved to our current place, council told us we had to pay an additional $4000 for a “Roads Contribution”. At first no-one could explain this. Then they said that because we made a “change of use” from ‘rural’ to ‘rural residential’…we were using the road more than the previous owners…, NO we aren’t, the previous owners had heavy machinery and equipment, they lived here, but used a generator….Then Council said that they would be “improving ” the road in front of our place….2 years later and this still hasn’t happened. Can you tell me that YOU will either bitumen Lion Mountain Road from Nicholson to the corner of Bond rd at least or get rid of that ridiculous Fee? If you Bitumen it, we don’t have a problem with contibuting….but like hell if we want to contribute to a DIRT road, we already pay rates for that!

    • Margaret says:

      Hey Chantal – I have answered your question as best I can on my facebook page..I will follow up on your behalf with your Councillor after the election..:) Sorry.. I really don’t have access to the info to answer or make any alternate decision at the moment.

      • Of course Margaret, Just bringing the topic up. It had been a disaster from the start, they even lost our paperwork in the begining.

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