I don’t really have the words to say thankyou enough.  I look forward to serving you. 

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work and accomplishments of outgoing Mayor,  Brad Carter. He led at a difficult time but did not shirk from the task. He led with conviction and passion. I wish him well.

To the other candidates – thankyou for a solid campaign – thankyou for your courtesy and your clear concern for the Region. Many of the issues that you highlighted need to be addressed, and remain the task of the new Council.

I especially welcome and congratulate the Councillors who have shouldered the task of sharing in the good government of this region.

Thanks again


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  1. Mike Schmidt says:

    Morning Margaret
    I would like to express my concern about the potential destruction of Keppel Bay by building a coal port in the mouth of the Fitzroy river.
    We live at Emu Park and appreciate that the coal industry is important to the Queensland economy but the environment is also important .
    For the longtime good of the Capricorn community this development should not go ahead.
    Thanks for your support
    Mike Schmidt
    Tanby Point
    Emu Park

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