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As we head towards the end of the year it’s encouraging to look back on the year that was.

We didn’t want the Deamalgamation but we were determined to come through it stronger than ever before. And we’ve done that on every front. The budget is in a healthy surplus and we have the debt going down. Council has thrown itself into the task of boosting our economic health and focussing on growth. Our development applications and approvals have increased by an amazing 25%. That is from 400+ to 500+ for the same ten month period in 2013.

We have made good friends in the resources sector, built relationships with the airline sector, grown jobs in Gracemere and rolled out a suite of incentives and encouragements that have really made waves in the development industry in Queensland.

We have 1000 lots at Eden Brook being developed with 2 1/2 thousand lots at Ellida waiting for final approval and a further 2 1/2 thousand lots about to be planned at the University site. There are a further 1000 lots scattered throughout the rest of the region.

Empire has just opened on the riverbank. There are already over 500 apartments on the riverbank with a further 300 sought through other approvals or applications before council. (So the cranes won’t be leaving any time soon.)

And in the middle of all of the big picture thinking, the feedback we’ve had in the last month as we have met with you in myriad meetings is that you think we are doing okay at looking after the little things too!

It’s been a great year.

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