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Queensalnd State Election 2024


The Economy

Getting the Rookwood weir was critical and was a high priority for me as Mayor

But the work to make sure that that water is used for the highest best use to benefit our community continues.


There is opportunity for growth in our agricultural sector and for greater diversity.

Doing this well is a key plank of a strong future for Rockhampton and Gracemere.


And there is opportunity in the future for a second raising at Eden Bann Weir.


The past decade has created challenges for us too. The closure of the railway yards in South Rockhampton and the loss of those jobs had a profound impact on our economy. We were always a railway town and nothing has yet replaced those jobs in light industry. We need to see light industry opportunities for this site as a high priority.

The government should oversee renewal of the site and provide subsidised access to the land as an incentive for industry.


And we will continue to be a base for mining with exciting developments in both established coal mines and copper and gold mining on our doorstep. These industries need to be supported and we need to explore downstream processing.

We need to broaden our industry base.


And we need to see a significant State Development Area developed around the Stanwell site and full support for major industry to locate there.


As well as the industries that have served us well for generations, Rockhampton needs to hang its hat on new generation industries and new generation opportunities.


The Smart Hub served as an incubator for entrepreneurship, but we need to see and to support market ready growth businesses in new technology industries.



Why vote for Margaret Strelow INDEPENDENT ?

Independents do politics differently.

Rockhampton and Gracemere has seen the worst of what Big Party Politics can do. Now its time to see the very best that collaboration and constructive working across Big Party lines can achieve for Rockhampton and Gracemere.

An Independent can call out bad policy and  bad decision making and speak the truth about what our community needs.

Margaret Strelow will not be directed by Political Party Policy or be stood over by local Party " power brokers"  

Margaret Strelow is 100 % committed to her community and is only answerable to the Rockhampton and Gracemere Communities

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