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For those who are interested ,  a little more info about the misconduct matter.

( I see a few comments on other sites implying that my EXONERATION was an example of corruption.)

The QCAT review was conducted by a retired District Court Judge.

He said very clearly that I was never required by Regulation to list the solar farm visit on the Register of Interests so I had not engaged in Misconduct.

His decision reflects the original legal advice I had received and the written advice from the Department of Local Government.

The particular form that the Independent Assessor wanted me to list the solar farm day trip on is one where you put things like houses and shares . It simply didn't make sense.

And if I had retrospectively ( just for the sake of peace ) put the solar farm visit on the register that they wanted me to, then there were further charges to follow.

Anything on the Register of Interest requires either " leave the room or declare your interest " every time you talk about it at Council.

It had already been a year and so there were were multiple instances where I had not declared an interest.

I had listed the hospitality on the official hospitality register. But not on this second Register.

And for clarity , Adani did not pay INTERNATIONAL AIRFARES OR ACCOMADATION. 

The whole matter was simply about a day trip in an Adani company plane to look at their solar farm on the last day of the trade mission.




I'm glad its over and I can now focus on my campaign for the 2024 Queensland State Election.

Community Support

I have been deeply conscious of the unwavering support in the broader community too and I am grateful for each one of you who stood up for me and with me.


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