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Gracemere is the residential growth corridor of Rockhampton region. Central to the community life in Gracemere is Cedric Archer Park with its outstanding play area, waterplay, skate park and pump track. 

Not so long ago, Gracemere was the principal centre for the Fitzroy Shire. The former Council Chambers now serve as a customer service centre for the Regional Council and as a much valued Library. 

From the moment I was elected Mayor of the Regional Council, I understood the importance of Gracemere and the importance of making it the kind of place that our families would like to live. 

Council, under my leadership invested significantly in facilities like the Gracemere Pump Track and the Water Play area at Cedric Archer Park and the Swings and Touch of Paradise Wetlands. 

All of this delivered infrastructure is important, but even more important is a high school for Gracemere. It has been promised for so long that many people despair of it ever being delivered . It is time. And the Police Station needs an urgent upgrade.

I commit to making these two items front and centre as I work to ensure that Gracemere and Rockhampton, are no longer the poor cousins. 


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"Gracemere needs a High School"
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