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Experience Matters


I'm Margaret Strelow your Independent Candidate in the 2024 State Election. 

Campaign Office - Shop 14, Northside Plaza
Berserker 4701
Open - 9 AM to 2 PM Monday to Friday
Other hours by apointment.
Phone - Office 0493 748 754
Margaret - 0438 272 488


I am contesting the seat of Rockhampton, which takes in the City of Rockhampton and the town of Gracemere.


Many of you will know me already. 

I served as Mayor of Rockhampton and later as Mayor of the Rockhampton Regional Council for over16 years (and one term as Councillor).


During my time as Mayor I oversaw a complete rejuvenation of Rockhampton and Gracemere. 

I'm proud of the things that I achieved during that time. 

But it is the future and opportunity to be the voice of our communities that has compelled me to nominate for this election. 

We have had to fight for everything we have achieved. But the big things, the game changing things like cost of living, long-term jobs, better health services and working to reduce the serious issue of youth crime - these are State Government issues. That is where I believe I need to be. 

I'm asking for your support to take the fight to Brisbane. 



Experience matters

Margaret Strelow
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What's my story

I’m a fighter.
I love Rockhampton deeply, I understand and believe in a strong future for our region.
I have been frustrated as opportunity after opportunity has been given to other communities.
Some of those which were rightfully ours.
I’m strong enough to stand up for Rockhampton without fear or favour.
I don’t owe anybody. I am self funded so it is only the interests of the Rockhampton and Gracemere community which motivate me.

I don’t talk about my childhood a lot and I’m not about to start but most of you have realised by now that I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.
I was the first in my extended family to finish high school to year 12 let alone go to university.
I was grateful to Gough Whitlam for the privilege of a university education. I joined the Labor Party because it reflected the values that I hold deeply.
Officially I left the Labor Party in 2017 but in reality the Labor Party left me.
My values haven’t changed, but the Labor Party no longer lives those values.

I believe in freedom of speech and thought and in accessible education and in a fair go and in a strong community.
All values that built our country.
I’m not Pollyanna and I know the world has changed in many ways but we have to choose which changes we adopt.

I have good relationships with people on both sides of the political fence. And there are good people on both sides. Not everyone of course, but enough.
I understand how the political structure works. I am neither naive nor hardened by it.
But I know how to use it and I know how to gather our community towards a shared vision.

I have been tested and I have proven to be resilient.
If our community keeps doing the same thing, we will keep getting the same result.
Labor has not been good for us.
Loyalty has not earned us favour but patronising disinterest.
And the pragmatic reality is that Rockhampton doesn’t vote LNP and at any rate we would be just swapping one party for another.
The list of services and facilities that are lacking in our community is as long as your arm.
Our hospitals, schools and victims of crime need a strong advocate, not a big party controlled hack

I know the path will not be easy, but it has to be better than more of the same .

I'll be supporting Margaret. We have been friends for many years, working closely together on significant projects. Margaret gets things done. Help her reclaim Rockhampton. 


Contact Margaret Strelow

Please contact my team and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Check my socials for updates when I'm available to meet either in my Campaign Office, your business or home.  

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Campaign Office - 0493 748 754

Margaret - 0438 272 488

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