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Margaret STRELOW has been working and getting real results for the ROCKHAMPTON and GRACEMERE communties for over 20 years.


In these 20 years of service, Margaret's reputaion of always putting ROCKHAMPTON and GRACEMERE first, most often upset the poltical adgends of the unelected political masters of the major political partys.

The serious issues of crime, cost of living, health, housing and the myriad of other issues that are dividing our communities can only be tackled in the State Parliment.


As an INDEPENDENT Margaret can take head on issues that often are not on the adgenda of the major Political Partys.


Margaret is asking for your surport and help so she can contuine to get REAL RESULTS for ROCKHMPTON and GRACEMERE.

Experience matters
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Margaret will always get back to you and you can be assured your concerns matter.

Campaign Office -
Shop 14, Northside Plaza, Berserker 4701

Open - Monday to Friday
9 AM to 2 PM.
Other hours by appointment.

Phone - Office
0493 748 754
Margaret -
0438 272 488


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Expereince matters 

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