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A proven performer- experience matters

Job creation and the attraction of significant projects to our region are not arbitrary occurrences; they require deliberate effort and strategic vision. My track record speaks volumes.


For instance, in the Shoalwater Bay training upgrade, we diligently ensured that local companies were prioritised for appoints, with 10% of the workforce earmarked for trainees. This initiative not only upskilled our residents but also stimulated economic growth by enticing new businesses to our region. 

A pivotal aspect of our strategy involved enticing new businesses to relocate to Rockhampton and Gracemere. Consider the case of Manuplex, a tier 2 company, expending the business from Mining into Major Defence Projects and Construction sectors. Originally based in Yeppoon Shire, through targeted efforts by Rockhampton Council, they relocated to Rockhampton, now employing 110 employees. 

Furthermore, fostering robust relationships, networks, and partnership has been instrumental. Take, for instance, the new airport masterplan and redevelopment. By forging key alliances with various levels of government, and by building on a great relationship that already existed with Alliance, we facilitated the establishment of Alliance Airlines' state-of-the-art maintenance facility, creating up to 250 jobs. 

Experience is paramount when it comes to securing major projects that bolster local businesses and employment opportunities. 

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