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Flood levee is still a no-brainer, Barry !! (Retired Labor MP )


As a taxpayer I have never had a problem with spending taxpayer money on projects that will enhance and progress our region.

( By Frazer Pearce, and The Morning Bulletin's Editor August 1, 2019 - 6:28AM Morning Bulletin )

I AM confused about where Barry O'Rourke stands on the South Rockhampton levee.

The Rockhampton MP was voted in to champion this region, to make considered decisions, that will benefit this community over the long term. He wasn't put in to pander to the mob to save "taxpayer dollars”.  

 ( By Frazer Pearce, and The Morning Bulletin's Editor August 1, 2019 - 6:28AM Morning Bulletin )

Mayor says Rockhampton flood levee is back on track.

The levee appeared to be in jeopardy when a massive cost blowout was revealed last week but the tide has turned back.

( Christine_Mckee August 2, 2019 - 7:02AM Morning Bulletin )

" Mr Dick has written to Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, requesting that he "join with the state to undertake an independent assessment of the revised costs and benefits, and with viability and how we are to proceed”.

"It is important that we identify the cause of the cost increases and assess their impact on this project before we can make any joint decision about funding the increased costs,” he said.

"The Mayor ( Margaret Strelow ) has indicated her wish to get this resolved quickly, so I am asking the Deputy Prime Minister to give this a high priority.”

Rockhampton region mayor Margaret Strelow and Capricornia MP Michelle Landry announce the flood levy will go ahead. Picture: contributed. CM August 2, 2019 - Morning Bulletin

Mr O'Rourke earlier this week wrote a Letter to the Editor saying he agreed with community concerns over the "ever-escalating cost”.

"It's been a long haul to get to this point so getting this additional level of collaboration and support is very satisfying, and we are very grateful,” she said.

"We have appreciated all along the State Government's commitment and we've equally appreciated the commitment from the Federal Government.

"I recognize the project will take all three of us to get it to fruition and I'm very heartened by the minister's attitude to find a pathway through.”

Experience matters and I have a proven track record of being able to negotiate with all forms of Governments.

This is not the time to send an inexperienced unknown Labor backroom picked seat warmer to our State Parliament.

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