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Crime and Policing

Our community has noticed a significant decline in a sense of safety.

We appreciate the work that the POLICE service continues to provide but every car stolen, every HOME entered is another family who no longer feel safe. There are long-term impacts as a result of repeat offenders being released time and time again.


Enough is enough.

There needs to be absolute clarity that community safety - and a community sense of safety - comes first.

Programs such as Booyah are valuable and make a positive contribution.

I absolutely support early intervention programs and diversion programs but there is a time to acknowledge that the soft softly approach hasn’t worked for some youth.

Many of the social problems that we see are reflective of the regional nature of our community and the withdrawal of services over time.

Our community has played second fiddle to other cities up and down the coast.

We are no longer a safe Labor seat.


The forgotten city can be forgotten no longer.

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