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Youth Crime Crisis

QLD Youth crime crisis: Police too fearful to patrol the streets.

Frontline officers are calling in sick and refusing to go out in marked cars for fear of being targeted by young criminals who know the system will protect them.

CM. FEBRUARY 15 , 2024

Dealing with the serious issues of crime, affordable housing, cost of living, health and the myriad of other issues that affect our Rockhampton and Gracemere communities, real experience matters.

Margaret STRELOW knows how to get things done- across all levels of Government, bringing the community with her. 

Rockhampton and Gracemere needs a fighter - someone with real experience  who will go into bat for our communities and deliver real results.

Someone who puts Rockhampton and Gracemere first and is above bitter party politics. 


 18 % of Queensland criminal offenders are under the age of 18.

These serious youth offenders

committed more than 50% of break and enter, robbery and stolen cars.

2012/2022 / 2023


Experience matters

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